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Time in Color


Change the way you see the day.


Wall Clock
11" Diameter 1.5" Deep
Ships in a 15"x15"x5" box  

No Glass / Machined Bamboo



TODAY is the 24-Hour timepiece that gently portrays the stillness in nature that we so often seek in ourselves. Having access to this additional perspective of time provokes contemplation, stimulates curiosity and holds a mirror to change as it happens in nature. 

  • 24-Hour silent movement with Hytrel® gears made in Germany.
  • Reverse UV printed on protective JetView™ Matte polycarbonate from Tekra®
  • Glassless CNC bamboo body with matte coating.
  • Beautifully packaged as a gift for yourself or someone else you love.

TODAY is a work of art that should be installed s ecurely and safely, preferably where it can get some direct sunlight during the day. The print is designed to slowly desaturate decade after decade, acquiring a patina unique to the patterns of light in your room. 




Give yourself time.



It is a gift that everyone around the world agrees on the time. It may be one of the only things that truly transcends race, religion, age etc. This is remarkable and it deserves investigation. What will happen if we build on this understanding and home by home, city by city we begin to introduce complimentary formats of time?

It is happening now. At present, there are 7,474 homes across 52 countries who are living with at least either ThePresent or TODAY (or both).


The size of life in 2018 can hardly be encompassed by the same singular dimension of time we had access to in 1818. Everything has changed since 1818, except the object we use to measure change. 


"We cannot solve the problems of our own time with the same thinking that created those problems." -you know who.

Remaining monodimensional in our common access to time forces history to repeat itself in a loop because naturally, time is cyclical. And yet, we continue by raising children with the same narrow train track of time popularized to keep trains on time.

Don't you wish we had something special from our time to better arm the future generations?The value of what these applied eastern philosophy timepieces can do for a young western mind is incalculable. 


Are we limiting the potential shape of life?  
Are we starving ourselves in the face of abundance?   
How can we expect to solve the problems of our own time, without exploring beyond the boundaries of time as we now know it? 

They only boundaries are the ones we create.


Please install thoughtfully.

Needs 1 AA battery (change it once every 2-3 years)

TODAY is a subtly interactive art installation for curious people.


TODAY is a shamelessly optimistic gift for someone who is going through a new change and or always seems anxious about time or fretful about life in general. It will be one the best gifts you ever give as the bond it forms over time between you and the giftee is beyond measure.


Time in Color is an experience of inner vision you may have while living with ThePresent and TODAY. Seeing both clock hands line up in such a way so that you plainly see how your day relates to the larger world of the solar system is a philosophical magic trick that can only be experienced in time. 


"The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes." Geothe 

"Life is frittered away by detail, simplify, simplify." Thoreau