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Time in Color


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Change the way you see the day.


Wall Clock
11" Diameter 1.5" Deep
Ships in a 15"x15"x5" box  



TODAY is the 24-Hour timepiece that gently portrays the stillness in nature that we so often seek in ourselves. Having access to this additional perspective of time provokes contemplation, stimulates curiosity and holds a mirror to change as it happens in nature. 

  • 24-Hour silent movement with Hytrel® gears made in Germany.
  • Reverse UV printed on protective JetView™ Matte polycarbonate from Tekra®
  • Glassless CNC bamboo body with matte coating.
  • Beautifully packaged as a gift for yourself or someone else you love.

TODAY is a work of art that should be installed s ecurely and safely, preferably where it can get some direct sunlight during the day. The print is designed to slowly desaturate decade after decade, acquiring a patina unique to the patterns of light in your room. 



Give yourself time.