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Just wanted to take the time and congratulate you on a beautifully executed functional piece of art. I received my clock a few months ago, and I really do enjoy waking up to it in my bedroom. 


I thought that I would enjoy it most on weekends, when I’m fully in control of my own time. But I almost enjoy it more on work days; it calms me to realize that it really is only a fraction of my day/life. 


I hope to purchase The Present sometime in the future when the stars in my bank account align. Until then, I will sing praises for Today to anyone who’ll listen. 


Congratulations again, 


~ Kayla 

Backer #789



Dear Scott, 

I now am the very proud owner of The Present, Today, and Today desk clock. 

The Present and the Today desk clock found their way to my husband’s office. He is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and works on research involving suicide and violence prevention. 

Your work has opened up valuable and important discussions about perception, time, and even accountability. 

Once one looks at something using a different paradigm, one does not conceive of it in the same way again. Ever. 

Open perception and you open possibility. 

Thank you for your art. 

Sincerely yours, 


(I refused to allow him to take my Today wall clock to his office… I need to have your work near me as I watch the day turn.  And at  3 am , when I can’t sleep and am wandering the house with my little kitty at my heels, it reminds me that it is not  3am , it is a moment in a turn of the earth.)