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Time can inspire equal amounts of wonder and mystery.

Paradoxically, the 'time' we often cherish the most is the time when we forget about time altogether. Those times when we are absorbed by our own curiosities and find ourselves dissolving into something complete, something great.

The common era's take on measuring time in seconds, minutes and hours often fails to encompass the depth of human experience. What is needed is corrective measure, a way of seeing time that makes space for the moments in our lives that cannot be counted.

The 21st century and beyond beckons for a grander more holistic vision of time.

The "thumbtop CPU in your pocket that we call a phone because we don't have a better word for it yet" will always tell you the time as we've known it for the past few hundred years. ThePresent and TODAY are supplemental horological symbols; lyrical points of view on time to help us shape the next few hundred years. 

ThePresent, a timepiece that completes one revolution a year is a creative response to the challenges we face as a global community. It threads the needle between being both ancient and new to the point of necessary. 

Living with ThePresent is a low-key meditative practice.

After a few years of becoming more familiar with the present, I was inspired to bring the same  perspective shifting philosophy to the day. TODAY is the spiritual partner of ThePresent.

TODAY is a piece of practical philosophy in the shape of a clock.

Both timepieces gently celebrate some of the most fundamental, unshakeable truths of our collective experience. The seasons are always changing throughout the year and Earth rises and sets every day. 

As a response to a world that is increasingly unpredictable, ThePresent and TODAY act as amplifiers for the grounding force of nature.  While being completely devoid of numbers, they come to represent something you can truly count on. I hope they are able to help you

cultivate more time in your life that cannot be counted.

ThePresent and TODAY look like 'products' by design; the intent of the work is to illuminate a wall in the gallery that is your living room. 

This is a personal artistic endeavor and I continue to assemble every piece myself. My conviction to continue producing these timepieces comes from a belief that contemporary art has a responsibility to heal  the psychic wounds of modern life.  

In time,

Scott Thrift


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