Night notes

December 11, 2017

Made, packaged and boxed for shipping today

17 ThePresent Desk Clocks

7 ThePresent Desk Clocks - Southern Hemisphere

Made and packaged waiting to be boxed

42 TODAY clocks for US domestic orders of single clock

178 Total remaining clocks to process for US orders of a single TODAY

Prepped the pallets making sure each package has a barcode.

Rented 14' truck with the liftgate and loaded 6 pallets worth of clocks.

70 ThePresent 

150 ThePresent and TODAY in one box

69 TODAY x2

Technically 508 clocks.

Picking those up and driving them an hour east to drop off at 830am

Planning on returning, loading more ready to go pallets and driving back.

Scott Walker Thrift
Scott Walker Thrift


I love making digital and analog works of art that shift perspective. I'm currently focused on a deeply personal longterm effort to introduce more natural, human-centered visions of time.