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Frequently Received Emails

by Scott Walker Thrift November 26, 2017

Frequently Received Emails

Please expect a longer than usual response time to emails between Sunday, November 26th, and Sunday, December 3rd.

1. Hey, I backed this in June of 2016, where is it already?

I understand your frustration. I have hired three assistants. We are in a race to the finish line but we must take our time to make each timepiece ready to ship.

Two-thirds of all supporters have received their rewards. If you are still waiting, that means I am probably packing it right now.

All International Backers should now have TODAY.   If one single TODAY clock was all that you were expecting.

For international backers expecting a pair of TODAY clocks and or ThePresent, here is where I am on that:

There are forty-five addresses left to send a single 6kg, 15x15x10 box packed with two TODAYs. Twenty-five of those addresses are International, the rest are obviously domestic. I am on box 26/45 and will finish those and have the pallet ready for December 1st pick-up for delivery to the shipping facility. That means they will ship the following week.

There are 293 domestic backers who are waiting on a single TODAY clock. As soon as I wrap the double boxes my team will be concentrating solely on US-based backers who order one TODAY. I expect the majority of these 293 to begin shipping during the second week of December.

If you are waiting on Southern Hemisphere “open” style timepieces, they have been made and packaged and will be picked up on December 1st.

If you are waiting on a single ThePresent desk clock, southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere they will ship during the second week of December at the latest.

If you are one of the 144 backers who ordered 1x TODAY and 1x ThePresent, all of those orders have been finished and will be picked up on Friday, December 1st.

If you think you should have a clock already but do not, please refrain from reaching out at this time. With a project this colossal there will be loose ends. I am doing my best to tie them up this week and will have more clarity this time next week.  There will not be a single person who does not get what they pledged for, worst case scenario it arrives in January.

2. Will you have any left after making and delivering over four thousand timepieces to 52 countries in 18 months?

Yes, but to minimize confusion, I will not be able to begin offering the reserved stock until 100% of remaining inventory  has been delivered to the shipping facility.          

3. Help, I don't know when they will ship and I need to change my address.

No need to worry, before a package is sent to you I will send you a note to confirm your address. If the address is fine, no need to reply, if it is not you can change it through a link in the email.

4. We would like to feature TODAY in our publication and need photos.

I know it sounds mad, but I don’t have photos right now outside of these. If you want to write about TODAY or ThePresent, I ask that you please hold off until I have inventory ready to ship thank you.

5. Why is it taking so long?

Define, long.

If none of this works,  my personal email is 

my initials, at time in color daught kom 

(yes I know that looks silly but forgive me the spam is outta hand I don't want to look back on my life and find that I spent a huge chunk of it clearing out an in box)

Thank you for your support and patience. More than half of the 1500 backers have received their timepieces, you will get TODAY or ThePresent. This is not a scam.

Scott Walker Thrift


*Formerly known as "bamboo" but that was a mistake because the same design could be made with reclaimed wood and still be called "open" so the word bamboo will become a misnomer the moment I make the Open style with a different substrate.

Scott Walker Thrift
Scott Walker Thrift

I love making digital and analog works of art that shift perspective. I'm currently focused on a deeply personal longterm effort to introduce more natural, human-centered visions of time.


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